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Amino Butyric Acid

Relax Pro box, 60 × 250mg tablets

Known as Gabob, Amino Butyric Acid is a GABA supplement that helps against stress and anxiety - now available as Relax Pro

As a powerful anti-stress supplement, Amino Butyric Acid improves learning, boosts memory function, and has the ability to increase growth hormone levels in the body

Made in India
Shipped from United Kingdom

60 × 250mg tablets
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Anti-stress supplement

Previously known under brand name of Gabob, this new Amino Butyric Acid is now available as Relax-Pro. It's a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA. GABA produces relaxing, anti-anxiety effects, by calming the central nervous system.

By regulating communication between the brain and the central nervous system, Amino Butyric Acid, GABA supplement provides the following benefits:

  • provides relief from anxiety 
  • heps with getting a good sleep 
  • reduces symptoms of depression 
  • helps to control stress 
  • improves the mood 
  • enhances cognition
  • boosts memory function 
  • promotes growth hormone levels 
  • and, as the name suggest, helps to relax 

Gamibetal has been used for its anti-anxiety and anti-stress purposes. In human and animal studies it has also shown to be effective with epilepsy seizures, by reducing them to 50%, after a 6-month trial study, with no serious side effects. The dosage taken was 250mg twice daily.

Since the 1980's it's been known Amino Butyric Acid can increase growth hormone levels, by boosting their release. It's the closest, legal alternative to GHB, but its stimulatory effects increase growth hormone levels. This rare GABA supplement has been published about and used in Europe since the 1960s.

Gamibetal's full name is Amino-hydroxy-butyric acid, and it's also known under brand name of Buxamin and a shortened Amino butyric acid.

How to buy Relax Pro tablets
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 Relax Pro is available in 60 x 250mg tablets pack size
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Relax-Pro dosage:
If you suffer from anxiety or stress, take 1 × 250mg tablet, or 2 × 250mg daily. For epilepsy take 2 × 250mg tablets twice daily. Always consult your physician for proper dosages for your needs.

Side effects
There are no reported adverse reactions to Gamibetal. However, there are many potential
 benefits of this anti-aging, anti-stress supplement.

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