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Improves immunity via increased white blood-cells count, to repel viruses

Extracted from the Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria, Glycoprotein increase the levels of white cells in blood, to improve the body's ability to fight cold, flu and viruses.

16 tablets

$79.99 - Discontinued

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Biostim is no longer available. Suggested replacement products are: 
1st Line, Doxycycline, Nano Silver, Nano Zinc, Rulid and Tetracycline.
1st Line

1st Line Thiocyanate

Improve your immunity and defend your body from bacterial and viral infections naturally with this formula containing Thiocyanate ions.

one kit

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Nano Silver

Nano Silver spray

Nano Silver purified mineral water contains nanoclusters of Colloidal silver, effective against at least 650 viruses.

15ml spray

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Nano Zinc

Nano Zinc spray

Replenish your Zinc mineral levels, important for the immune system function, with Nano Zinc spray, to keep your immunity at an optimum.

15ml spray

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Potent immunity booster

Biostim is a potent immunity booster that can make the immune system work better. By stimulating cells in the body called phagocytes, Biostim helps the body fight infection. These cells take up and destroy any foreign organism which tries to invade the body. Phagocytes produce interleukin 1 - a chemical that forms a vital part of the immune system. With help from Biostim, the production of interleukin 1 goes up, helping phagocytes fight against infection.

Biostim also has a positive action in the fight against bacterial, fungal and viral infections, helping the body to fight cold and flu. As such, Biostim has also been effective against Candida (yeast infection), bronchitis, and useful in the treatment of asthma.

1st Line Thiocayanate

Replacing Biostim tablets is new product 1st Line Thiocyanate. It consists of a 4-part enzymatic kit that provides 25mg of oxythiocyanates ions. These are bioidentical molecules found in human airways, passages, tears, saliva and milk etc. They play a critical part in the initial immune response that leads to the destruction of numerous pathogens. 1st Line is effective in the fight against everyday infections, including flu.

How to buy Biostim tablets
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 Now available as 1st Line Thiocyanate kit

 Biostim was available in 16 x 1mg tablets pack size
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Biostim dosage:

Take 2 tablets per day, for 8 days, followed by a 3-week break. Then take 1 tablet a day for 8 days, followed by another 3-week break. Finally, take 1 tablet a day for 8 days. In total, you should use 32 Biostim tablets.

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