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Calorie Restriction

Reduced food intake approach to health and longevity

Caloric restriction or calorie restriction is used as one of strategies for improving wellbeing, strenthening immunity, and extending lifespan. A number of studies seem to indicate that malnutrition or caloric restriction, delays the onset of age-associated disorders and increases longevity.

This reduced food intake approach seems to have its roots as a survival mechanism, by allowing species to survive on scraps when food is scarce. When there was a seasonal famine, calorie restriction response was evolved by different species, including humans, as means to survive these periodic food shortages.

Calorie restrictions increase maximum lifespan

Research has indicated that when life-long calorie restriction was applied to rodents or rats, it resulted in up to 40% increase in maximum lifespan. This increase was roughly proportional to the scale of calorie restriction imposed in animal studies.

However, the benefits to humans are on a more modest scale than those of mice. Nonetheless, it's believed that calorie restrictions approach can extend human life 5-10 years longer. It can also slow the development of many age-related chronic diseases.

There are though other health benefits experienced by humans, which result in overall improved health and wellbeing. One of the most important benefits recently researched and reported is the improved immunity system.


This approach to improving one's health and potentially living longer should not be used without a well-informed consultancy with an accredited health professional and of course by consulting your doctor before taking any steps. Restricting your calorie intake can result in lesser intake of life-essential vitamins and minerals, risking your health and wellbeing.

One of the best and most original books on the subject of calorie restriction is Maximum Life Span, by Roy L. Walford, M.D. It can be found on Amazon:



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