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Smart drugs or cognitive enhancers

Nootropic drugs or nootropics are what is known as cognitive enhancers. The term nootropic comes from Greek language and refers to substance that acts on or enhances the mind. According to Will Block, nootropics or smart drugs can help to improve your intelligence, memory, information processing ability, concentration and creativity. This is generally done by improving the blood flow to the brain, enhancing its functions.

Implement periodic breaks when using smart drugs

Most of the smart drugs supplements on this site fall into nootropics category. When using nootropics, it's good to take occasional breaks from usage, such as 2 days per week, or one week per month. In other words, avoid using nootropic supplements continuously, without a break. When combining two or more nootropic supplements, recommended individual dosages for each of the supplements should be lower, to avoid side effects of nausea and headaches.

Best known smart drugs

Some of the best known smart drugs and nootropics include:

Acetyl-L-Carnitine - ATP-Pro, mitochondrial energy enhancer

Adrafinil - Adra-Pro, also known as Olmifon, for mental alertness and increased energy

Aniracetam - Ani-Pro, improve your memory and mental clarity

Centrophenoxine - Centro-Pro, memory and cognition enhancer

Deprenyl - Dep-Pro liquid, Dep-Tabs tablets, dopamine enhancer and antiaging drug

Desmopressin - Minirin, for a rapid memory recollection and bodily functions

Gerovital H3 - GH-3, by Dr Ana Aslan, improves memory, alertness and energy

Hydergine - Hy-Pro, smart pill for improving mental abilities

Mito-Pro 2 - adenosine triphosphate (ATP), improve your energy levels and stamina

Nicergoline - Sermion, enhances mental clarity, concentration and perception

Picamilone - Picamilon-Pro, GABA supplement helps you stay calm

Piracetam - Nootropil (syrup and tablets), enhances a wide range of cognitive abilities

Pramiracetam - Pram-Pro, a potent nootropic for improving learning and memory

Pyritinol - Cerbon 6, antioxidant and nootropic helps mind stay sharp and body agile

SAMe - Samyr, reduce stress and anxiety, increasing energy and alertness

Vasopressin - for faster and better memory recall, and improved cognitive function

Vinpocetine - Intelectol, improves cognitive functions and prevents brain damage

Interestingly, Bacopa Monnieri is recognized as a natural nootropic. It's a herb, coming from the Brahmi plant, which is used in Ayuverdic medicine. The plant's extract, bacoside, a powerful antioxidant and an inducer of nitric oxide. Higher nitric oxide levels expand blood vessels, leading to many cognitive and cardiovascular benefits, including helping men with sexual performance. (see Vigor-Pro).


Other Definitions:

  • Age Pigment - Also known as age spots, it comes from "wear and tear" with age. 
  • Antioxidants Info - What is the role of antioxidants and antioxidant substances? 
  • Calorie Restriction - One of methods used to improve health and extend maximum lifespan. 
  • DMAE - Compound used in health supplements to enhance vigilance and alertness. 
  • Free Radicals - How they arise and what damage they cause to the human body. 
  • Nootropics - Known as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers, assist information processing. 
  • PCPA - Found in Centrophenoxine, PCPA is used for depletion of serotonin. 

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