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Progest-Pro Progesterone pump, 50ml topical cream

Natural hormone cream that helps women defend against osteoporosis

Progesterone has been successfully used to protect women against osteoporosis and fight other negative effects of hormone replacement therapy

Made in USA
Shipped from Hong Kong

2500mg 50ml topical cream
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Natural female hormone

Natural human progesterone is female hormone that helps regulate ovulation and menstruation. During the menopause, Progesterone levels decline and need to be replaced. Progesterone natural cream is synthesized natural human hormone that mimics the human molecule.

Progesterone helps women fight osteoporosis
Fight bone-thinning disease with Progesterone

Prevents osteoporosis

Women often use progesterone cream in the menopause, especially to counter detrimental effects of hormone replacement therapy, (HRT - estrogen therapy). One of the most significant benefits of progesterone replacement is the prevention and alleviation of osteoporosis, the bone thinning disease that usually affects older women.

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Progesterone dosage:
Apply daily to the neck, upper chest, breasts, behind knees, on inner arms and inner thighs. Rotate the site each day. Pre-menopausal women should start the treatment on day 12 of their menstrual cycle and stop on day 25, then repeat the treatment the following month. Menopausal women should use the Progesterone treatment for 21 days and discontinue for 7 days, until the following month.

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