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Rulid Antibiotic

Rulid Roxithromycine 10 × 150mg film tablets

Rulid Roxithromycine antibiotic tablets can fight many different bacterial infections

Acting as a bacteria-fighting antibiotic, Rulid can battle a wide range of bacterial infections in soft tissues, such as gastrointestinal conditions and the body's genitals

10 × 150mg film tablets

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Antibiotic for bacterial infections

This potent antibiotic is effective against different bacterial infections, being able to target a slightly more bacterial strains than penicilin. Since it only attacks bacteria, Ruild is not recommended to be used for viral infections.

With the main ingredient of Roxithromycine (or Roxithromycin), Rulid belongs to a group of antibiotics known as macrolides, which are class of natural products, some of which have antibiotic properties. Rulid's ability to fight bacterial strains involves its ability to block the proteins at the heart of bacterial growth. Part of its effectivennes as an antibiotic is also its ability to kill harmful bacteria directly, which is termed as being 'bactericidal'.

Bacterias are omnipresent around us, but they usually have a primitive, single-cell structure without a nucleus or membrane. This makes them different to human cells, which are more complex structures. Both human and bacterial cells contain a key component ribosome, which produces proteins.

Macrolide drug

Being a macrolide drug, Rulid Roxithromycine inhibits the production of these ribosomes. But human cells don't get affected by macrolide antibiotics, whereas bacterial cells do. This is what makes Rulid an effective antibiotic for bacterial infections.

How to buy Rulid antibiotic tablets
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Rulid dosage:

Rulid can target a slightly wider range of bacterial infections than penicilin. A typical dosage is one tablet twice daily. Side effects are rare, but they usually can come from the gastrointestinal area, such as abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and vomiting. Always consult your doctor or medical practitioner for precise dosages for you of this macrolide antibiotic.

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Rulid Roxithromycine

Rulid Roxithromycine

Rulid belongs to a group of macrolide antibiotic drugs, that's been effective in treating a wide range of bacterial infections only.

10 × 150mg tabs.

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