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Selenium-Pro mineral drops, 2oz - 300mcg liquid

Liquid selenium mineral used for the body detox and thyroid function

Known for its antioxidant properties, selenium offers many other health benefits, such as improved cardiac health and male fertility

2oz - 300mcg liquid
safe for vegetarians


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What is Selenium-Pro?

Selenium belongs to a group of proteins that play a crucial role in a number of the body functions, including thyroid function, DNA repair, reproduction, and removing oxidative damage by free radicals.

This important mineral can be found in foods, such as cereals, grains, milk, meat and seafood. But the selenium content in those foods is dependent on the quality of the soil where the grains are grown or the animal diet in case of meats.

Selenium-Pro liquid mineral drops contain the usual blend of 72 trace minerals, as well as selenium in liquid ionic solution, make it easy to be absorbed by the body.

How to buy Selenium-Pro liquid
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 Selenium-Pro is now available as 2 ounces pack size
 You can buy one or more packs of Selenium-Pro bottles
 The above purchase price is in the British pounds

Selenium Pro dosage:

Take as needed, or consult with your doctor to determine the exact dosage. See also dosage instructions included with the package.

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