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Stem Cell Worx

Stem Cell Worx 3.5 oz intraoral spray

Intraoral spray supplement designed to stimulate stem cells production

Stem Cell Worx is a natural stem cell formula that promotes the release of your own adult stem cells, to rejuvenate and repair your body, for an antiaging effect

3.5 oz spray bottle

discontinued product

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Enhances stem cell activity

Stem Cell Worx® is a scientifically designed, protein-powered, autoimmune-accelerating spray that once absorbed provides a powerful antiaging effect. This intraoral spray will stimulate your adult stem cells production, that will help your body to rejuvenate, repair and reinvigorate in the process.

This overall improvement in the body means that the body is able to better repair itself, build a stronger immune system, attain more mobility and possibly lead to a longer lifespan. All this by activating your own healthy stem cells that are in your body.

The key ingredients in this spray supplement include: high-grade bovine colostrum, trans resveratrol (high purity from Japanese Knotweed), and fucoidan cell walls.

How to buy Stem Cell Worx spray
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 Stem Cell Worx is available in 3.5oz spray bottles
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Stem Cell Worx dosage:

Shake the bottle well before each application, as the supplement's natural ingredients tend to settle at the bottom. If you are below the age of 70, it's suggested to take 12 intraoral sprays as a daily dosage, taking 6 sprays at a time. If you are 70 years or older, start with 6 sprays daily and build up to 12 sprays over a period of 2-3 weeks. You immune system might be weaker at this age, so build it up gradually. Pregnant women should not take this supplement.

Spray Stem Cell Worx under the tongue in short and sharp sprays, hold it for 5-10 seconds and then swallow.

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