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Youth Gems® Eye Contour Gel

Youth Gems Eye Contour Gel 30ml bottle

Peptide complex designed for use on the skin around the eyes against skin aging, for better skin condition

This eye contour gel should be used sparingly to increase skin elasticity around the eyes and the eyelids

30ml gel bottle



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Eye contour gel peptide complex

This latest peptide-based skin gel has been especially designed to be used on the skin areas around the eyes. The gel contains these ingredients:

  • proprietary antioxidant ginseng extract Neovitin®
  • four peptides, for cartilage, blood vessels, thymus and pineal glands
  • argain oil, fresh water, and yeast extract.

Antiaging skin benefits

Youth Gems eye contour gel provides a number of antiaging skin benefits for the eye contour:

  • acts as an anti-inflammatory against skin irritations caused by cosmetics
  • improves microcirculation, nourishes, moisturizes and soothes the sensitive skin around the eyes
  • prevents formation of new wrinkles and slows down skin aging
  • improves lymph drainage and reduces puffy eyes
  • softens the skin around the eyes and increases its elasticity.

How to buy Youth Gems Eye Contour Gel
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 Eeye Contour Gel is now available as 30ml gel bottle pack size
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