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Zeolite ACZ 2oz spray, extra strength

Natural detoxifying agent in spray form, extracted from volcanic ash

Zeolite is an effective detoxification and chelation agent, that attracts, traps and removes heavy metal toxins, while preserving the beneficial minerals in the body

2 oz spray bottle

$29.95 - Discontinued product

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Zeolite ACZ spray is no longer available.
The replacement products are:
 DMSA Pro and EDTA Pro chelators.


DMSA-Pro Chelator

Suggested replacement for Beyond Clean powder is DMSA-Pro chelator that will help you to remove mercury and lead toxins.

60 × 100mg caps.

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EDTA Pro Chelator

EDTA is a potent chelating agent and cleansing supplement that helps remove harmful heavy metals from the body, for health benefits.

120 capsules

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Effective in removing toxins from the body

With its crystalline molecule, Zeolite has a honeycomb-like structure that traps heavy metals, like lead and mercury, into its cavities. As Zeolite travels through blood, heavy metal toxins get attracted and trapped into these cavities, and removed from the body through urination. Zeolite has shown to be effective in removing metal toxins such as aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and even fluoride. At the same time, Zeolite does not remove the beneficial minerals, such as zinc and potassium.

Zeolite is a crystal formed over 300 millions of years ago from volcanic ash. In the past it was used by our forefathers as a remedy to enhance wellbeing and overall health. Today's advanced cellular Zeolite comprises of micronized (nanometer) Zeolite particles, immersed into energy enhanced water. This provides for rapid cleansing (chelation) uptake of toxic metals by Zeolite, which is especially effective when used in sublingual (spray) from.

Zeolite formula was originally developed by Dr Garry Gordon, the father of chelation. This particular Zeolite formula is ACZ - Advanced Cellular Zeolite.

How to buy Zeolite ACZ spray
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 Zeolite ACZ is available in 2oz spray bottle pack size
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Zeolite spray dosage:

Suggested therapeutic dose is 1-2 sprays daily. Zeolite passes quickly through the body, so you might see the first results within 5-7 hours. Urination can become more frequent and darker with toxins being cleansed from the body.

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